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Lost Children Archive – last post :(

I think this novel is still one of the most interestingly written out of the books we’ve read throughout the course. To me, the nameless feature is still fascinating, and I struggle to find the purpose of this, although, I may have made some headway. I think I mentioned this last Thursday during our discussion,Continue reading “Lost Children Archive – last post :(“

Bless Me Ultima: Female Characters and Liminality

I was reading an analytical essay on Bless Me Ultima, as an attempt to understand the novel better and came across an interesting description of females in this book. This author claimed that the female characters can be categorized into two groups: good vs. evil. On one side of the dichotomy is Maria Luna (theContinue reading “Bless Me Ultima: Female Characters and Liminality”

Down These Mean Streets (Part II)

I honestly really enjoyed reading this book. It is enlightening, in a way, to be exposed to the harsh realities that many individuals have gone through, and still go through today. My own life has been rather fortunate, and I have not experienced anything close to the poverty and descrimination that Piri experienced in thisContinue reading “Down These Mean Streets (Part II)”

With a Pistol in His Hand (Part 2)

I think this book was so great, because it brings into question the role of class, of culture, of dominance and of resistance. Although it is a folklore, Americo Paredes shows how the ‘myths’ of Gregorio Cortez incorporate important historical events, whilst putting an artistic twist on many perspectives of these events. As such, thisContinue reading “With a Pistol in His Hand (Part 2)”

With His Pistol in His Hand – Gregorio Cortez: an everyday man

I’m really enjoying this text so far! What really caught my attention was the emphasis on ‘man’, what it means to be an ordinary man and how this affects the audience reading this text. Américo Paredes seems to make a point that this is not a story or ballad about a unique man; it isContinue reading “With His Pistol in His Hand – Gregorio Cortez: an everyday man”